FAQ’s for Organizations Implementing OnCore

Is your organization considering implementing OnCore with your staff? You may have a few questions before registering or getting started. Here are some answers to common questions about OnCore. Learn about the different implementation models and consider which one is best suited for your organization.

Q: What core competencies does OnCore address?

A: OnCore reflects the Public Health Agency of Canada’s first two core competencies (i.e., Public Health Sciences, and Assessment and Analysis). Users will learn to apply a population health approach, use data to understand public health problems, and bring research evidence to the decision making table.

Q: Who is the target audience for OnCore?

A: OnCore is appropriate for both new and experienced public health professionals of all disciplines. OnCore is designed to be completed both individually and in small groups at the workplace.

Q: What are the elements of the OnCore education program?

A: The education program consists of online learning modules and small group facilitated case studies. There are 3 modules containing a total of 15 lessons. Users first complete the online lessons at their own pace and then meet as a group to participate in the accompanying facilitated case study sessions.

Q: What is the ideal size for the small group sessions?

A: The in-person facilitated case study sessions are designed to provide users with the opportunity to discuss and apply key concepts from the lessons using a variety of activities and exercises. It is recommended that the case studies be conducted in small groups of approximately 10-12 participants.

Q: Who leads the facilitated case study sessions?

A: The facilitated case studies are led by an identified facilitator or facilitators in your organization (e.g., supervisors, managers, epidemiologists, nurses, etc.). The case studies were developed with the busy health professional in mind. Very little preparatory work is required. Everything facilitators need to run the sessions is provided.

Q: How long does it take to complete OnCore?

A: On average, it takes users under 35 hours to complete the entire program (includes online lessons and facilitated case studies). It takes approximately 2-3 months to complete each module (includes online and off-line components). The entire OnCore education program can be implemented over 8-12 months, including a month break in between modules.

Q: How should our organization implement OnCore?

A: There are different implementation models for OnCore. Groups of staff who regularly work together can go through the program together, or staff from different areas/divisions within the same organization can complete it together. This flexibility allows an organization to consider its operational needs and decide on what implementation model will work best. The following table outlines advantages and disadvantages of both models and may help your organization determine which is most suitable.

(i.e., staff who regularly work together)
  • Convenience of using an existing group
  • Facilitated by own supervisor/manager with whom team members have existing rapport
  • Application to the team’s work and/or individual assignments
  • Opportunity to reflect on content in 1:1 meetings with supervisor/manager
  • Increased participant accountability
  • Challenge in meeting operational needs if all staff are required to be present for facilitated case studies
  • Opportunity for cross divisional staff interaction
  • Increased awareness of each other’s work
  • Potential for rich discussion in facilitated case studies; application of learning to more than one area of public health
  • Flexibility for meeting operational needs for service delivery
  • Initially, the group may have to spend some additional time getting to know each other
  • Potential for decreased accountability as participants are not completing program with their immediate Supervisor/Manager

Q: Our organization would like to have all of our staff (or select groups) complete OnCore. Can our organization purchase multiple OnCore licenses (i.e., purchase in bulk)?

A: Yes, an organization can purchase multiple licenses for its employees, making a single payment for all in the group. The cost is $51.50/person + applicable taxes. Click on “Register” and select I am registering as: “Group.” Fill in the contact information for the primary Contact Person in your organization, along with the number of participants.

Within 5-7 business days the Contact Person will receive 2 emails—an invoice and the promotional code. This promotional code will need to be distributed by the Contact Person to the employees who are completing OnCore. Each employee will need to individually register online for the course (without paying a registration fee). Once staff have registered for OnCore (using the promo code), each will receive a personalized email detailing how the course materials can be accessed.